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  Specialist Group is a recognized provider of competent and flexible service solutions in both Military operating theatres and in thriving cities in the Middle East.  


Our management team is multinational and possesses thorough knowledge regarding local markets. The directors of the company have worked in the Middle East area for over 2 decades and have many contacts throughout the Middle East, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and East Africa.

In just a few short years Specialist Group has grown to employ a global staff of over four hundred. Our range of capabilities is very broad. However, while there is virtually no job in which we are unable to perform we specifically target our projects to ensure customers get optimum value at efficient prices.

The company is founded on hard work, integrity, and providing a reliable service to our customers. These core values are central to our operations worldwide and form the basis of our General Business Principles. Using quality assured processes that are ISO 9001 certified means that we strive for continuous improvement in the services we offer. We vigorously pursue full compliance with the highest standards of safety, security and hygiene in every aspect of our business.

Specialist Group recruits and retains high quality staff and we value their contribution to the company. We foster a strong spirit of team work and encourage staff to grow and develop long-term careers ensuring honesty and commitment from all levels of our team.




Our mission is to create success for our clients by accurately identifying their needs and providing cost-effective, flexible, innovative and value adding solutions utilizing our understanding of the local business customs and our international work force.



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